Four-Day Menus Now Available

Date: November 25, 2016 posted by amy mail Twitter facebook

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For a variety of reasons, many districts, charter schools, summer schools, and CACFP / out-of-school enrichment programs operate their foodservice programs on a four-day week. NutriStudents K-12 is pleased to meet those needs with our new four-day week menus. We offer four-day menus for every grade level, for lunch with and without salad bar, and for breakfast.  Now, generating Food Production Reports from our system is as easy as it is for five-day weeks. All your recipes, components and vegetable subgroups are incorporated to ensure compliance with USDA standards. (Week one entrees are pictured above; sides may be different than what is pictured.) The menus are loaded into our client portal for your use. If you're not yet a NutriStudents K-12 client, contact us today to access all of the time and money-saving benefits we offer. or 844-204-2487.