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COVID-19 Emergency Menu

In the midst of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, NutriStudents K-12 wants to support schools every way we can.

If your district is to close, you can use our free-to-all COVID-19 Emergency Menu, which includes 3 weeks (5 days each) of fully compliant menu options. The 2 weeks of hot and 1 week of cold meals* will accommodate both cafeteria-served meals or grab-and-go.

Because the USDA flexibilities during this time are based on individual days versus full weeks, you can pick and choose any of the 15 meals you prefer, in any order. This is free to any district in the entire country.

Please share the link – MenuFreedom.com/COVID-19 - with other school nutrition professionals you know.




  1. Click the photo of the menu day to access the recipes and Food Production Report to prepare and serve the meal.
  2. Prepare the meal according to the directions. Recipes are sized to 50 students.
  3. Complete the accompanying report.
  4. Need to scale the recipe? Use the CookBook to size these recipes appropriately. If you are using a Chromebook please Click Here.
  5. Questions? Click the chat in the lower left on our website.


This Market Basket is a simple list of all items you will need to create the NutriStudents K-12 menus and recipes below. This simple tool will help you keep track of the items your distributor provides and will help limit your inventory.


Cold Meals

Hot Meals

  BBQ Baked Pork Bosco Sticks Cheeseburger Chicken Enchilada Nachos Pepperoni Pizza

Download all recipes and reports for this entire week.


  Walking Beef Taco Cheesy Spaghetti Sesame Popcorn Chicken Corn Dog Chicken Patty Sandwich

Download all recipes and reports for this entire week.


*All sides can be substituted as long as you serve the appropriate amount of food to meet the USDA's minimum criteria (see chart below).

This menu conforms to the flexibilities USDA has made to ensure low-income scholars continue receiving meals during school closures. For any COVID-19 related closing through June 30, 2020, districts in low-income areas can offer food under the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) or Seamless Summer Option guidelines with an important exception: the congregant-feeding requirement has been waived. Read the USDA Policy Memo and FAQs on school meals and COVID-19.

Many states have been granted additional waivers by the USDA. Please check with your state's authorizing agency for the latest guidelines and meal patterns for your state.



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USDA Requirements for SFSP






Nuts and seeds may meet only one-half of the total meat/meat alternate serving and must be combined with another meat/meat alternate to fulfill the lunch or supper requirement.

2 Fruit or vegetable juice must be full-strength. Full strength vegetable or fruit juice may be counted to meet not more than one-half of this requirement.