Have you said any of the following since school started?

"My USDA Administrative Review is this year. How am I going to manage that additional work and stress?"

"I wish I had more staff for all this work!"

"These compliance reports are time consuming!"

"I need new menus to keep the kids engaged all year."

NutriStudents K-12 can help you!

We support all your "behind-the-lines" responsibilities, helping you save time, reduce stress, comply with federal regulations, cut food waste and build participation in your self-operated foodservice program.

In honor of National School Lunch Week October 14-18 and Farm-to-School Month in October, you can get $1,000 off the initial system set-up fee until end of day Thursday, October 31. Combined with our "love it or it's free" guarantee, now's the best time to get access to our 30-week rotation of kid-approved NSLP menus, valuable operational support and helpful productivity tools for greater success this year.

Schedule a demo or contact Amanda (amanda@NutriStudentsK-12.com or 651.333.4295) today to find out all the ways NutriStudents K-12 delivers #MenuFreedom with real food, real help and real results - and to take advantage of this offer!