10 New NSLP Menu Weeks Out by Fall

Date: June 29, 2020 Posted by Amy Mail Twitter Facebook

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You need be prepared for most anything and everything this fall. Meals could be served in the cafeteria on a limited basis or delivered to classrooms. Some schools will continue distance learning, requiring bundled meals for the week. Some schools are considering a split shift or hybrid of in-class and distance learning.

Whichever model your school/district chooses, we know there will be a high demand for cold menu weeks to accommodate a variety of service models. We also know that you may want quick-cook scratch-made recipes and on-trend meals to serve in the cafeteria or for families to heat at home.

Our team is hard at work to meet your every menu need. We already have 30 amazing weeks of student-approved menus. We're upping the ante to 40 weeks by fall, with 5 of those weeks being exclusively cold entrees. Many of these meals can be individually packaged to minimize contact among students and foodservice staff, simplify delivery for classroom service or be bundled for take-home meals. 

What can you expect in these new menu weeks? Tasty meals kids love! What else would you expect from NutriStudents K-12?

We've added our free COVID-19 SSO menus to our regular rotation. If you've used those menu weeks already, you're familiar with the recipes, reports and service you can expect from NutriStudents K-12. On top of those weeks, we will have another three weeks of cold options and five weeks of fresh new entrees for cafeteria service. Here's a sneak peek at some of the deliciousness in store for your scholars:


SM4250.png DSC_0824250.png S3250.png P4250.png S1250.png DSC_0011250.png W4250.png S2250.png P2.JPG egg salad mda 250.jpg


Stay tuned for more! 

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