5 New Menu Weeks Shuffle the Deck

Date: March 24, 2021 Posted by Mail Twitter Facebook

Weeks 41-45 collage blog.png

There are lots of sources for individual school lunch recipes. The hard part of building out a menu rotation is putting those individual recipes into days and then into weeks that comply with USDA nutritional guidelines. It can be like a shell game, moving one day here and another there until everything adds up just right.

That’s the beauty of NutriStudents K-12 – we offer complete, plug-and-play, USDA-compliant lunch menu weeks tested and approved by students. We’ve done all the analysis and the shuffling to create menu weeks that are varied and delicious.

And now we’re upping the ante! We just added 5 new menu weeks to our rotation for National School Lunch Program (NSLP) operators. You now have a full 45 weeks from which to choose. The new menu weeks are full of many of our student-favorite lunches in new combinations. By special request, we’ve also added three new menu days: pork taco, chicken and waffles, and chili and cinnamon roll!

Check out these new menu weeks in the client portal now. Please note, the CookBook and USDA Commodity Calculator have been updated to include these new weeks.

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