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Date: January 7, 2021 Posted by Amy Mail Twitter Facebook

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Doing more in less time. That's a foodservice director's dream!

Our Breakfast Menu Builder helps you do just that. It's the only tool you need to quickly and easily build out an entire year of breakfast menus in a fraction of the time required to manually plan menus.

Using a series of intuitive drop-down menus, customizable fields, simple clicks, you:

  • Choose whether to offer one or two offerings each day.
  • Select what you'd like to serve for your required components from the system market basket.
  • Auto-populate monthly calendar menus and downloadable Food Production Reports.
  • Copy one completed day to another or one completed month to a future month.

The tool will only allow you to save a day if you've properly chosen all the components needed for a USDA reimbursable meal, according to federal guidelines for the School Breakfast Program. As you complete each day, a monthly calendar menu and your daily Food Production Report automatically populate. The monthly calendar menu tallies your WGE offerings for the week to ensure you're adhering to the USDA guidelines.

This interactive tools includes:

  • Capability for 4-day, 5-day and 7-day programs.
  • PreK parameters.
  • Ability to build complete menu weeks verified to USDA guidelines even when a week falls into two separate months.
  • Compliance verification of weeks when there's one or more days of no school.
  • Downloadable FPRs. Just fill in the numbers served and leftovers each day.
  • Option to upload school/district logo to the printable FPRs prior to downloading.

If you've yet to experience the ease of the Breakfast Menu Builder, we'd love to give you a demonstration. Contact us today via chat, by emailing or scheduling a demo at a time convenient for you.


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