Don't Sacrifice Control or Revenues to an FSMC

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Foodservice directors are stretched thin by their expanding responsibilities and others' high expectations for their school nutrition programs. Facing declining participation and revenues, increasing costs and an overworked staff, many school administrators and school boards look to a foodservice management company (FSMC) to take over their foodservice operations. Determined foodservice directors push back; some surrender in defeat. 

If your district is considering this option, beware of the dramatic effect an FSMC can have on your bottom line. These corporations charge fees based on a school’s desired outcomes for its foodservice program, with the goal to come in on budget. Many of these companies tend to cut programs to the bare minimum and increase their revenues through add-on services such as onsite staff, staff training and nutrition-in-the-classroom support. Don't forfeit potential earnings to administration/management fees! 

A Smarter Choice

Instead of sacrificing control and profits, partner with NutriStudents K-12 to strengthen your existing program. Your staff remain your staff. You retain the ability to change your menus as needed or desired. You can reinvest your profits back into your foodservice program. NutriStudents K-12 doesn't replace foodservice directors -- we help them! 

Your program can remain self operated using our kid-tested and approved, chef-created, federally compliant menus that have consistently helped districts increase participation and revenue; and our included resources, tools and calculators to streamline training, daily reporting, Administrative Review preparations, ongoing distributor orders, USDA Foods allocations and meal promotion.

Vickie Thompson, foodservice supervisor at Verndale Public School, said, "NutriStudents K-12 is a great tool to use to make your whole program a lot less stressful. Everything’s run a lot smoother since we started using NutriStudents K-12."

NutriStudents K-12 pricing is transparent and affordable, with the licensing fee generally falling within foodservice directors' budgetary authority. 

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