Introducing Our New CookBook

Date: June 14, 2019 Posted by Amy Mail Twitter Facebook


Standardized recipes and pre-planned menu weeks are great but to make them even more convenient, they need to be easily scalable to your daily meal counts. Enter our crack product development team! 

Introducing our new CookBook!

Located in our new Toolbox, the CookBook instantaneously scales our recipes to your specific student population. Simply enter a few variables on the service location and indicate the NutriStudents K-12 menu week you're serving, and voila! Standardized recipes are now tailored to your specific site. You can view (and print) all the recipes for the week in the "multiple recipes" tab or view each recipe individually (pictured below).

The recipes are tailored by drop-down menus for:

  1. 4-day, 5-day or 7-day service schedule
  2. The age group being served
  3. Whether a vegetable/fruit bar is offered
  4. Meal counts

Each recipe will provide specific proportions for each ingredient and step-by-step preparation instructions, HACCP details, serving instructions and creditable ingredients.



Nutritional detail and components are provided beneath the recipe and instructions.

recipe components.JPG

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