NutriStudents K-12 Team Expands

Date: February 13, 2020 Posted by Amy Mail Twitter Facebook


NutriStudents K-12 is thrilled to welcome Rebekah Harvell to our team as an executive assistant to President Eldon Brustuen. Well, that's her title, anyway. The reality is our entire team is clamoring for her help. She joined us two weeks ago on a part-time basis and is already making a big difference - so much so that we've already promoted her to full-time hours!

Rebekah developed her administrative skills and incredible work ethic in both corporate and government settings. Prior to the company being acquired, Rebekah was the executive assistant to the owners and the director of sales and marketing at Summit Mobile. She helped with a wide range of functions there, including communications, inventory management, HR support and education of employees at the company's multiple retail locations. Prior to relocating to Minnesota, Rebekah worked for the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.

She earned her bachelor's degree in animal science from Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas.

Welcome, Bekah!

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