Redesigned Portal Launching This Summer

Date: May 8, 2019 Posted by Amy Mail Twitter Facebook

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The NutriStudents K-12 client portal offers easy, 24-hour access to menus, productivity tools and resources for training and marketing. This summer, it will get even better. What can you expect?

Streamlined Navigation

The new portal will be even easier to browse through the portal and locate relevant menus and tools. You will be able to access menus for 4-day, 5-day and 7-day programs and every age group from a single landing page. All the automated tools and calculators you need to simplify food and commodity orders, including our new digitally editable FPR, DataBites, the USDA Commodity Calculator, the promotional calendar creator and more will all be housed in a "Toolbox."


Simplified Menu Pages

new week format.jpg

*Week pictured is for example only, not an actual menu week.

The new menu pages will still include photos of each menu day and the entree name and the ability to download all the accompanying reports, recipes and daily menu posters. We've also slimmed down the format of our click-and-print Food Production Reports to a single page per day per age group. 



screen shot DataBites.JPG

By fall, everyone will have access to DataBites, which has been in beta testing since last fall. It will become your one-stop-shop for choosing a menu cycle, forecasting meal counts, printing calendar menus, tracking inventory and compiling your shopping list for weekly orders.



All clients will automatically be upgraded to the new portal when it goes live. If you'd like a preview, schedule a demo today.

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