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Date: September 10, 2020 Posted by Mail Twitter Facebook

Do you sense already that your menu rotation may not hold students’ interest through the fall? Are you stretched thin with menus for multiple service models, such as meals in the classroom and takeaway meals for distance learners? 

Imagine how you and your students could benefit from a 40-week menu rotation! Starting today, NutriStudents K-12 has 40 weeks of USDA-compliant, student-approved menus at every NSLP age group available for your use. The 10 weeks recently added to our rotation include:

  • Options that accommodate multiple service models: meals in the cafeteria, classroom, grab & go or meal pickup/delivery. Prepare one meal for multiple points of service!
  • A combination of hot and cold entrees, with 5 weeks of exclusively cold entrees that go beyond cold deli sandwiches each day.
  • Quick-cook, scratch recipes that will keep your participation levels up and incorporate the USDA Foods/commodities you may have wondered how to work into your modified menus.
  • Delicious entrees that students love hot or cold, such as the Fiesta Chicken Wrap, Pancakes, Soft Pretzel with Cheese, Pesto Chicken Sandwich, Pizza and the Craisin Chicken Bowl.  

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You can see our full 7-day, 40-week menu rotation on this pictorial menu. If you’ve used our COVID-19 Emergency Menus, which are still available for any school to use, you have sampled our menus and how easy our system is to use. 

We’d love to give you a complete overview of our menus, productivity tools and operational support. Schedule a system demonstration today.

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