Free SSO Menus

Our Seamless Summer Option (SSO) menus comply with all USDA regulations and standards, including nutrition and meal pattern requirements, for the National School Lunch Program. If prepared and served according to the specifications provided in our recipes and menu days, and students take all the required components, these menus are eligible for reimbursement.

Click the link below for the service-age category to access menus, accompanying compliance forms and reports you desire.

For these menus, please use this Market Basket. It is a simple list of items for creating the Seamless Summer menus that will help you track the items your distributor supplies and limit your inventory. 

Turkey Sandwich Pastrami Sandwich Old Fashioned Chicken Wrap Yogurt Parfait Breakfast for Lunch

 Greek Chicken Wrap Egg Salad Wrap Ham Sandwich Turkey Bagel Sandwich Chef Salad

You can be assured your meals meet the USDA's required meal patterns by following these menu weeks precisely. Be sure to confirm your state's requirements with your state's authorizing agency. NutriStudents K-12 cannot verify or assure compliance when substitutions are made. 

You may also use these menus for summer meal programs. Please be advised that NutriStudents K-12 only provides Administrative Review support services to subscribed customers/licensees who may choose to use these menus for summer meal programs.










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