Real Results.

NutriStudents K-12 clients have realized participation increases of 10-20% or more in their first year during normal operations, recouping their investment in NutriStudents K-12 through increased revenues.


Complainers squelched. Time recouped. Money in the bank.

Regardless of how you measure success, NutriStudents K-12® delivers a return on your investment. 

Less wasted food

Our National School Lunch Program (NSLP) hot lunch menus have been wholeheartedly embraced by most students, resulting in less plate waste. With the NutriStudents K-12 system, your commodities are also fully incorporated into your menus, not wasted.

Time saved

With the NutriStudents K-12 system, you get back the time you spend creating menus, adapting recipes and confirming compliance, developing training materials and publishing your menus.

Reduced costs

NutriStudents K-12 helps reduce your food costs through our simplified market basket, training expenses by minimizing your reliance on outside training programs, and labor costs through the time-saving benefits of the system.

Commodity savings

The NutriStudents K-12 system allows you to take full advantage of your commodities with our precise Commodity Forecasting Calculator. Replacing non-commodity items with commodity foods saves you money. A district or building with 1,000 students can fully use over $40,000 in commodities, thereby saving money on non-commodity ingredients.

Increased revenue

Delicious food interests students. As students become familiar with a variety of NutriStudents K-12 NSLP menu weeks, participation, and in turn revenues, will increase. For a 1,000-student building or district, simply increasing participation from 50% to 60% results in a $64,800 revenue increase in the course of a 180-day school year (based on the maximum reimbursement rate of $3.60/meal).