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    "The nutrients, weekly production records, commodity order builder are all at our fingertips."

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    "The program is very easy to learn and I love all of the menu options!"

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    "Our kids just love the food!"

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    "NutriStudents K-12 is everything a foodservice professional needs."

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    "NutriStudents K-12 does everything for you. It's an all-around good deal."

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    "We get a lot of compliments on how the food tastes and looks."

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    "With NutriStudents K-12, my whole job is easier!"

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    "The support and encouragement through my USDA Review were outstanding."

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    “NutriStudents K-12 streamlined our director’s workload, giving her time to learn what students liked most.”

Solving Your Most Perplexing Problems

NutriStudents K-12 helps foodservice directors succeed by helping you tackle your most perplexing challenges. Glowing testimonials from districts and schools of all sizes speak to how we can help you.


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