Boost Participation in the Summer Food Service Program: Free Toolkit

Date: May 15, 2023 Posted by Linnea Mail Twitter Facebook

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Summer break is a time when many children look forward to enjoying fun activities and spending time with friends. Unfortunately, for millions of kids, summer can also mean going hungry. To help combat this problem, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) offers the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), which provides free meals to children in low-income areas during the summer months. However, many families may not be aware of this program or how to participate.

Marketing can play a crucial role in boosting participation in summer meals programing. Effective marketing can help inform families about the program, provide details on how to participate, and encourage more kids to take advantage of the free meals.

NutriStudents K-12 offers a comprehensive marketing toolkit designed to support schools and community organizations in promoting the SFSP. The toolkit includes a customizable flyer, bookmark template, and calendar menu templates that can be easily adapted to meet the specific needs of each organization.

  • Customizable flyer template
    This template can be easily edited with program details, dates, times, and locations, and then printed or distributed electronically. The flyers can be displayed in high-traffic areas such as community centers, libraries, and local businesses to reach a broader audience.

  • Bookmark template
    The bookmark template is a simple yet effective tool that can be distributed to students, parents, and community members. These bookmarks can be easily customized with program details and contact information, and then distributed at schools, libraries, and community centers to raise awareness of the program.

  • Calendar menu templates
    These templates provide a visually appealing and informative way to showcase the meals that will be served each week during the program. The templates can be customized with specific meal details to help families make informed choices about participating in the summer meals.

Overall, the toolkit can be powerful resources to help support marketing efforts for the Summer Food Service Program. By using these customizable resources, schools and community organizations can better inform families about the program and increase participation, ultimately helping to ensure that more children receive the nutritious meals they need during the summer months.

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