Break even with 5 add'l meals a day

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Need hard numbers to justify subscribing to NutriStudents K-12? Want to know the financial ROI from NutriStudents K-12?

Consider in a normal school year:

  • It takes just 5 additional lunches each day to recuperate the cost of the monthly subscription for NutriStudents K-12.

  • 5 lunches = an additional $18 a day in revenues. Compound that over one month and you’ll have revenue increases of $320.

  • At most schools, an additional 5 lunches a month is less than a 10% increase.

  • Any district that uses NutriStudents K-12 as it’s intended should experience a 10% or more increase in the first year.
  • Many clients report serving five additional lunches just to adults after switching to NutriStudents K-12 menus.

These factors only consider participation and revenue increases. NutriStudents K-12 ROI is greater when reduced waste, improved use of commodities and hours saved on menu planning, compliance reports and ordering are added to the equation.

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Breakfast Has Untapped Potential

Every school day, more than 90,000 schools/institutions participating in the USDA’s School Breakfast Program pro­vide a nutritious, balanced breakfast to 14.71 million kids – 2.42 billion breakfasts annually.6 School breakfasts deliver the nutrition students need to concentrate on their studies and fuel them until lunchtime. 

While the School Breakfast Program is widely available, student participation lags significantly behind the National School Lunch Program, which serves 4.9 billion meals annually. Among low-income students, 22 million eat school lunch whereas about 12 million eat school breakfast.

Many districts have found that increasing student breakfast participation is a relatively easy way to increase foodser­vice revenues. The 2020-21 federal reimbursement rate for school breakfast is as high as $2.20 in “severe need” schools. With proper planning and smart purchasing, districts can source breakfast for much less, with the difference helping fund other foodservice operational costs. 

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