Mobilize your marketing

Date: September 22, 2020 Posted by Mail Twitter Facebook

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COVID-19 has placed tremendous financial strain on school meal programs. While schools across the country valiantly continued feeding kids when schools shut down, participation was well below normal. Now that students have returned to their studies and foodservice programs are in full swing, marketing is critical to increase participation and reassure parents of the safety and quality of school meals.

The School Nutrition Association recently published a special editorial supplement, “It’s Time to Mobilize Your Marketing,” with support from NutriStudents K-12. We encourage you to read it and take the recommendations to heart. Adopt some of the suggestions from your colleagues to give your marketing a boost. And, share the content with your administration, business manager and marketing point person.

If you have ideas for how NutriStudents K-12 can support you and your marketing, drop us a line at

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