Photo Gallery: Fall School Visits

Date: October 8, 2019 Posted by Mail Twitter Facebook

WEM Sheri Velishek Nancy Culhane Elizabeth Clinton 630.jpeg

Shelly Miller, our director of client relations, has been busy visiting districts and helping our foodservice friends get the 2019-2020 school year off to a great start. As the former school foodservice director at Staples-Motley Public Schools, Shelly is an invaluable resource to our clients when they have questions about running a successful program or anything related to the NutriStudents K-12 system. Before joining NutriStudents K-12, Shelly was one of our biggest fans and most avid users. Now, clients like these pictured, benefit from her depth of knowledge.


WEM Sheri Velishek Nancy Culhane Elizabeth Clinton 630.jpeg  

Waterville-Elysian-Morristown School District
Sheri Velishek, Nancy Culhane, Elizabeth Clinton

sebeka staff 630.jpeg


Sebeka Public School (in no particular order):
Becky Fuller, Chris Burlingame, Johanna Fowler, Pat Drury


madelia Gail Hagen Mark Hoeft 630.jpeg


Madelia Public Schools
Mark Hoeft and Gail Hagen


martin county west 630.jpg


Martin County West School District (in no particular order):
Maggie Reker, Sandy Hecht, Sara Curtis and Tammy Holm


alden conger 630.jpg


Alden-Conger Public Schools
Jolene Babcock, Amber Halvorson, Kay Bendickson, Jamie Kirsch


Sierra Grande Schools


Sierra Grande Public School
(L to R) Maria C. Minchaca, Anjelica Sais, Bernadette Barela and Foodservice Director DeAnn Arellano. Not pictured: Floor Manager Delbert Gomez and Norma Sanchez.




Byers Public School
(In no particular order) Director Steffiney Quick, Manager Traci Hite, Rayma Albert, Nancy Becker, Vicki Cain. Not pictured: Erika Messer, Crystal Frick 




Bennett Public School
Sonia Madeira, Tanya Donnellon, Nina Callow and Foodservice Director Peggy Lester




Lewiston-Altura Public Schools
Lori LaBree, Foodservice Director Vickie Speltz, Susan Althoff, Jean Schultz, Mickey Lee and Linda Lehnertz


bethune trina lewis Bibiana Cuenca.JPG


Bethune Public Schools
Bibiana Cuenca and Trina Lewis