SNA issues 2019 position paper

Date: January 23, 2019 Posted by Amy Mail Twitter Facebook

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SNA has released its 2019 Position Paper. According to its website, it is calling on Congress and the Administration to bolster school meals programs and minimize regulatory burdens. Specifically, SNA is asking Congress to:

  • Continue and increase USDA Foods (commodities) support for the School Breakfast Program (SBP).
  • Support USDA’s ongoing effort to simplify child nutrition programs.
    • Encourage USDA to return to the five-year Administrative Review (AR) Cycle for School Food Authorities (SFAs) that consistently operate in compliance.
    • Encourage USDA to modify the Smart Snacks in School rule to allow all menu items that are permitted to be served as part of a reimbursable meal to be sold at any time a la carte.
  • Urge USDA and the US Department of Education, in collaboration with SFAs, to develop best practices and guidance to ensure school schedules provide students adequate time to eat healthy school meals.
  • Oppose any effort to block grant school meal programs.


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