Making Our Menus and Recipes Work For You

Date: December 18, 2017 Posted by Mail Twitter Facebook

Hard as we try, we know not every menu week and especially not all our meals will appeal to every taste bud in various regions of the country. Some like it hot ... some do not! Mexican-inspired dishes are more popular with some ... others not so much. 

Take Albondigas Mexicanas, for example. Our inventive spin on meat and potatoes may not be totally appreciated by those who don't like spicy foods. We understand.

So what are our foodservice friends to do? Adapt.

Yes, we give you permission to tweak herbs or spices from our recipes to make them more agreeable to your students. For Albondigas Mexicanas, leave out the cayenne pepper when you're preparing the food. If you love a menu week except for the main entree or side dish on a particular day, a small tweak to the recipe may be all that's needed to make that menu day and week work for you. As long as you subtract spices or swap enhancements of like calories and sodium content, you will more than likely remain in compliance with USDA guidelines. To be sure, give us a call! 

If you want to make more substantive changes to a recipe that may cause you to surpass USDA weekly nutritional limits, we recommend simply omitting that menu week from your rotation. Yes, that's okay, too. 

Our menu weeks were developed to work for you and your students. You can pick and choose the menu weeks your students like best, using them in any order you choose. You do not have to use every menu week, nor do you have to use them in consecutive order. And, you can use them to supplement your existing menu weeks. 


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