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    "The nutrients, weekly production records, commodity order builder are all at our fingertips."

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    "The program is very easy to learn and I love all of the menu options!"

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    "Our kids just love the food!"

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    "NutriStudents K-12 is everything a foodservice professional needs."

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    "NutriStudents K-12 does everything for you. It's an all-around good deal."

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    "We get a lot of compliments on how the food tastes and looks."

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    "With NutriStudents K-12, my whole job is easier!"

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    "The support and encouragement through my USDA Review were outstanding."

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    “NutriStudents K-12 streamlined our director’s workload, giving her time to learn what students liked most.”


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Solving Perplexing Problems

NutriStudents K-12 helps solve foodservice directors’ most perplexing challenges. Glowing testimonials from districts and schools of all sizes speak to how we can help you:





The portion sizes are adequate for our high school students, and the food is always tasty.

Tracee Colgrove, Foodservice Director
Pillager Charter School


We are thrilled! The quality of the food is just wonderful.

The kids are receiving these changes in the lunch menu very well. Participation has increased for lunch and breakfast by about 5 or 6% after just one month and it continues growing. Many kids ask when we can serve what they're eating that day again! Even the administration and school staff have increased their participation since we launched NutriStudents K-12. I keep looking at what we are serving and think, "This does not look or taste like school lunch." It is absolutely awesome! I would be proud to serve this at home!

Incorporating fresh fruit and vegetables into the menu cycle is so simplified with NutriStudents K-12. The kids are loving it! Our plate waste was reduced by about 20% the first month alone.

I am so pleased with my lower food cost because of the NutriStudents K-12 market basket. Last year I overspent my budget on food costs and had to go to finance for additional funding. I am writing fewer purchase orders this fall, and we are well within budget.

Our food service staff is absolutely thrilled with the automated production reporting now that we are using NutriStudents K-12. Not having to manually write them out is saving them so much time every day.

*Shelly Miller became such a fan of NutriStudents K-12 in the four years she used the system that she chose to come work for us in August 2019. She is now Director of Client Relations for NutriStudents K-12. Staples-Motley Schools has found that NutriStudents K-12 helped Shelly's replacement assimilate more easily into the role of director.

Shelly Miller, Former Director of Nutrition Services*
Staples-Motley Public Schools


I have 2 daughters currently in the school system, one at the public school and one at the Catholic school. They have always enjoyed their breakfasts and lunches they are served. Yes – even the picky one likes most of the food. There are plenty of breakfast options for the kids to choose from and the lunches have a fruit, veggie and main course. They like the combinations and food choices they are given. If they had to choose, chicken and pasta would be their favorites! I have not had them ever come home to say what a horrible lunch they had. Keep up the great work and Thank You!

Stephanie Japke, LPN


I highly recommend NutriStudents K-12 to anyone. They offer menu freedom with over 100 weeks of certified menus. The answer to menu fatigue! I am a very grateful client!

Mark Jennissen, Foodservice Director
Bertha-Hewitt Schools ISD 786


NutriStudents K-12 does everything for you: menu planning, reporting and getting ready for the Administrative Review. This is an all-around good deal, especially for small districts. I love it!

Steffiney Quick, Foodservice Director
Byers Public School District 32J

I have really loved NutriStudents K-12! The program is very easy to learn and I love all of the menu options! There are so many! And the recipes have been easy to follow. It saves a lot of time having all this at your fingertips. We love the CookBook - it has everything you need to increase or decrease a recipe.

NutriStudents K-12 has been a great support system. Any time I have a question, I get an answer promptly.

I'm looking forward to continuing with NutriStudents K-12 and seeing what the rest of the year brings!!

Jamie Kirsch, Foodservice Director
Alden-Conger Public Schools


I've been very pleased with NutriStudents K-12. It's very easy to work with.

I like the fact we can now do more scratch cooking. And it allows us to use herbs instead of having to rely on sodium for flavor.

Some parents have even come to me and told me that their kids have come home and said the food is much better this year!

Sandi Rentz, Foodservice Director
Wadena-Deer Creek Public Schools


You have helped me complete my vision of what I wanted to do for my district. You put so much work and effort into my program. I am so excited about this, I cannot wait to see comment from our parents. I have already had good comments from my administration. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Vickie Speltz, Foodservice Director
Lewiston-Altura School District #857 and MN SNA President


I had to tell you how much I really like NutriStudents K-12! The production reports are so easy to use, everything is all right there. The menus are amazing! There so many food choices, and we get a lot of compliments on how the food tastes and looks.

Chris Boelz, Lead Cook
Staples Motley Elementary School

After encountering a few blips with the contributions of menu substitutions during my administrative review, NutriStudents K-12 assisted immediately. An on-the-spot teleconference resolved the issues and proper documentation was provided within minutes of the end of the review. Their team is always available and go above and beyond.

Pam Cailteux, Foodservice Director
Deer Trail 26J


Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to partner with you. Our situation is so unique - it's so hard for small food service operation to follow the same regulations as large schools that have more staff to do all the work required to be in compliance.

Cheryl Plante, CDM, CFPP, Foodservice Manager
The Hills Youth and Family Services

We had the best Administrative Review ever for our district. Thanks to NutriStudents K-12, the menu planning and paperwork were easy and correct for all standards.

Trina Lewis, Foodservice Director
Bethune School District R-5


Our new NutriStudents K-12 system is going very well for us already. We have quite a bit less food waste this year, probably 30-40% less than last year. Even our custodians have commented to me about what a difference they are noticing!

There is much more of a positive feeling from the kids about the lunches this year. I have not heard anything negative from any one of them yet!

It is nice working with the user-friendly menus as they are already set up and laid out, knowing they are totally precise in meeting USDA requirements without a question. It is designed so it is very easy to switch out one week for one of our old favorites if we want.

NutriStudents customer service is very good. Every email or call has been immediately responded to.

Our cost of food purchased is already down from last year after just one month because of the NutriStudents K-12 market basket and working with Upper Lakes Food. It is also much easier to track purchases now.

The use of spices and herbs to lower the sodium levels is working out well. The taste of the food is amazing!

Tom Marcussen, Foodservice Director
Park Rapids Public Schools


We had our review yesterday and everything was perfect! Everything the reviewer wanted, we had ready. And we knew everything was right. She only spent an hour of the day with us. It was so easy.

Kelly Carnell, Foodservice staff
Hope for Hyndman Charter School


Is there anything that NutriStudents K-12 doesn't have or doesn't do?!

Carrie Rice, Foodservice Director
New Country Schools


NutriStudents K-12 has been so easy to use, it is actually fun to do a menu now. It gives me the ability to do separate breakfast and lunch menus. It has so many wonderful choices of great food.

One of my favorite things when doing a breakfast menu is that the Breakfast Menu Builder tells you if you don’t have enough grain/fruit/veggies and won’t let you finish a menu until you get the right amount. Without that, I don’t think we would offer everything we need to meet the USDA criteria. If we do have enough, it still saves a ton of time for me as I don’t have to check and double check to make sure it meets the criteria.

Lunch menus are great, there are over 30 weeks of approved meals to serve. I love how you can just click the week you want and it's all ready for you. I also like that you can just swap out a day if you decide your students don’t really care for that meal.

As a new food director this year, having NutriStudents K-12 is a great weight lifted off my shoulders knowing they are always there to help me when I need it and they will help with USDA reviews. That was one of the fears I had becoming the new food director. I am confident now that they will be there to help me through it. Thanks again for this great program. I hope more schools learn about this program and become a client.

Brittany Zuhlsdorf, Foodservice Director
Staples-Motley Schools


For the last few years, our school menu has been in a rut and the repeat of the same entrees over and over. In summer 2019, our school purchased NutriStudents K-12 and it has been great! We have over 25 full weeks of no repeat menus. Our number one customers: the students! They really are enjoying the new choices! We even did a comment box a few weeks into the school year and the responses were almost the same -- they love the Walking Taco (a favorite) and all the new entree choices we have on our menu!

The nutrients, the weekly production records, allergy-free menu, a commodity order builder are all at our fingertips in one software system! I can't believe we went all this time without this software! Thank you NutriStudents K-12!

DeAnn Arellano, Foodservice Director
Sierra Grande School


NutriStudents K-12 simplifies everything for us and tells us everything we need. When we had [an executive] chef, we had to work a lot harder. It is a lot easier now because we know exactly what to be putting into our recipes.

Julie Waugerman, Foodservice staff
Hope for Hyndman Charter School


I am hearing a lot of kids speaking well of our good school lunch food this fall. We do not get negative comments any more.

I have seven of my own grandchildren that I am serving every day at this school, and they tell me that our food is better than it was in the past.

With NutriStudents K-12 my whole job is easier. We are spending less time doing food prep and cooking than we did before. The production reports are all right there and so easy to do now.

I really like it, and cannot think of anything NutriStudents can improve on!

Judy Gertz, Head Cook
Park Rapids Public Schools


I love that NutriStudents K-12 has all the right portions and incorporates different foods. I also like that it has all the fats, carbs and sodium listed with each menu item.

Our food tastes better because of the creative use of spices and sauces, and everyone really likes the variety of proteins we provide.

NutriStudents K-12 makes my whole program a lot less stressful!

Vickie Thompson, Foodservice Director
Verndale School District 818


Our kids just love the food from the NutriStudents K-12 menus! I haven't had one single complaint yet this year!

The menus and recipes are very easy to follow.

NutriStudents Customer Service is excellent. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. If I have a question and they're helping me they treat me like I'm their only customer.

So far, NutriStudents K-12 is the best thing that's happened to me in my foodservice career!

Sue Motzko, Foodservice Director
Sebeka Public Schools


The kiddos are loving the menus thus far!

Pam Cailteux, Foodservice Director
Deer Trail 26J School District


A huge THANK YOU to NutriStudents K-12 for the simple recipes and information to make our review run so smoothly. It went great! Thank you for going the extra mile to help and enlightening us on simple ways to make our jobs easier and run a school kitchen well. We are excited to move forward with the information to better serve our students. Through this, we all became a team!

Vickie Thompson, Foodservice Director
Verndale School District 818


NutriStudents K-12 helped me develop a menu I felt confident met the USDA guidelines. It has made recordkeeping a snap!

JT Clark, Foodservice Director
Park Rapids Area Schools


It is awesome! I had no idea there was anything like that out there! I was very impressed. It is very usable. NutriStudents K-12 is everything a foodservice professional needs.

Barb Rosin, Foodservice Director
Nicollet Public Schools


Our staff love the menus and the system-generated production reports; it is so easy just to enter the numbers. With the product labels on the system, our ordering is also simplified. I love NutriStudents K-12 and so does the staff!

Crystal Gauss, Cafeteria Manager
Hanover Public Schools


NutriStudents K-12 is a great program for schools and we are proud to offer it to our districts.

Joyce Swenson
South Central Service Cooperative