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The right technology can help child nutrition programs run more smoothly and efficiently, comply with federal guidelines and manage budgets wisely. With so many software systems on the market, foodservice directors can be confused by the options.

NutriStudents K-12 stands alone in the market, simplifying menu planning, recordkeeping, ordering, commodities forecasting, marketing and more. But don’t take our word for it. Read these excerpts from the latest School Nutrition magazine special NutriStudents K-12 sponsored editorial supplement, “Tech on Deck”:

“Jane Anderson, Food Service Director, Lawton-Bronson (Iowa) Community School District, started using NutriStudents K-12 this year to help plan her menus. ‘They have such a variety of different menus to pick from, and each week is compliant with our state’s requirements,’ says Anderson, noting that she can build menus that feature student favorites, as well as brand-new items. She also values the program for helping her plan her USDA Foods order for next year and gives a shout-out to the client rep who answers any and all questions. Anderson describes the software as an overall paperwork- and time-saver. ‘I’m so glad I switched programs this year!’

“At Lawton-Bronson (Iowa) Community School District, Jane Anderson values the Cafeteria Connection parents’ newsletter that is a component of her NutriStudents K-12 system. Customizable to add district-specific information, the newsletter features ‘great’ articles, says Anderson.”

Vickie Speltz, Director, Lewiston-Altura (Minn.) School District #857: “‘For my menus, I have NutriStudents K-12. This program is amazing. It does everything for you and saves money, especially on labor costs. She cites such features as an accompanying nutritional guide, production sheets, cookbook and photo images of menu items that can be used to market meals to students and parents alike. A 36-year school nutrition veteran, Speltz is particularly impressed with how the company caters to its customers. ‘[They are] a super, client-based group of people—the kind of company that puts you first,’ she explains.”

Thank you, Jane and Vickie, for your resounding endorsements!

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*While NutriStudents K-12 paid a promotional fee to help the magazine produce this content, the magazine independently authored the article and chose interview sources. 

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