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If variety is the spice of life, as “they” say, then “they” would love NutriStudents K-12. Earlier this year, we added 5 new menu weeks to our rotation of National School Lunch Program menus, bringing the total to 45 weeks.

Now, we’re pleased to roll out 15 new menu weeks for the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), to bring our total to 45 weeks for both preK and adult age categories. All our menus are widely taste tested and approved before we add them to our rotation. For the convenience of our school programs that serve both preK and K-12 students, our CACFP menus largely parallel the NSLP menu weeks.

Our CACFP menus have a wide variety of age-appropriate menus. That means our preK menus don’t have anything on a stick (corn dogs or pancakes on a stick) or drumsticks or other potential choking hazards for young kids. We’ve also adjusted the spice levels in recipes on the preK menus.

What will you find on these 15 new menu weeks? Fun, flavorful and colorful entrees enticing to both kids and adults.

Five of the new menu weeks include entirely cold entrees or entrees that can be served hot or cold, whichever is most convenient for you and your center staff. These weeks include deli sandwiches, yogurt parfaits and bowls and salads. Some new entrees you’ll find on the 15 new weeks include the pesto chicken wrap, bean and cheese burrito, hot ham and cheese sandwich, BBQ baked pork, and, by special request, chicken and waffles, and chili and cinnamon roll. Of course, the new menu weeks also include lots of perennial favorites – like mac and cheese, pepperoni pizza, walking beef taco and French toast sticks.

Check out these new menu weeks in the client portal now. Not a client? Schedule a demo now to preview these menus.

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