Cafeteria Connection Snack Edition!

Date: March 31, 2017 Posted by Amy Mail Twitter Facebook


Did you know that snacks comprise 27% of total daily calories for the average child? That makes it vitally important for adults – at school or at home – to encourage kids to choose their snacks wisely. To help communicate this to parents, check out the latest issue of Cafeteria Connection, our newsletter for parents. In “Teaching Kids to Choose Smart Snacks,” we explain why smart snacking is important and provide suggestions for how to reinforce healthy choices among children.

The snack edition of Cafeteria Connection is the 10th issue in the series. These newsletters are intended to help parents understand the quality and healthfulness of school meals to support students’ participation. Each is written from your school’s perspective and includes a place where you can add your logo and address to personalize it for your parents. The newsletter series includes:

  1. Goodness abounds in the cafeteria
  2. School cooking vs. restaurant cooking - not that different
  3. Meal time is a time for learning
  4. What's for lunch? Check Nutrislice!
  5. Ending the food fights; creating meals kids love
  6. School breakfast: a time-saving, nutritious choice
  7. Bag lunch vs. school lunch - which is better?
  8. Farm-to-school movement brings fresher foods to schools
  9. Salad bars: a bountiful buffet
  10. NEW! Teaching kids to choose smart snacks

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