Celebrating You on #SLHD

Date: April 14, 2021 Posted by Mail Twitter Facebook

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We support and recognize the hard work of child nutrition professionals day in and day out. On Friday, May 7, School Lunch Hero Day, others will join us in celebrating your efforts to keep our country’s kids well nourished.

This has been an exceptional year – one like no other in our lifetime. You who work in the schools, daycares and juvenile facilities have gracefully adapted to frequent changes in USDA requirements, CDC safety protocols and district/organizational procedures. You learned on the fly, brainstormed with peers, likely took criticism from administrators and parents, and yet you persevered. On behalf of your kids, their parents and our country, we say “THANK YOU!”.

The COVID-19 pandemic put you in the spotlight and helped people realize how critical your work is to the fabric of our society. Foodservice is often taken for granted and seen as secondary to academics but now has gained greater appreciation…we hope for the long term.

On School Lunch Hero Day, Friday, May 7, enjoy the recognition that comes your way. And, share on social media the stories of how you and your team have addressed the challenges of this past year. (Use #SLHD and tag us – MenuFreedom on Instagram and Twitter, and NutriStudentsK12 on Facebook – on your posts.)

Foodservice Hero edition of Cafeteria Connection

Our next issue of Cafeteria Connection will highlight School Lunch Hero Day and the valiant work done by foodservice teams. Be sure you’re a subscriber to be notified when it’s available for download and then share it with parents, staff and administration.