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We have a lot of system enhancements in the works that will be available for use in the fall. Among those, we'll be launching at lease 10 new menus weeks. If you've been using NutriStudents K-12 for some time, these new menu weeks will give your returning students a fresh rotation of chef-created meals to hold their interest.

More than 115 different entrees!

Some of the new delicious menu items you can look forward to include turkey pancake on a stick, creamy chicken saubzy, chicken penne alfredo and the scrumptious meals pictured below. You will want to tap into these us your students will love them!

Like our current menu weeks?

Don't worry, they'll still be available in their entirety on our client portal. 

As always, all our menu weeks are 100% compliant with USDA guidelines and certified by our Registered Dietitian as such.

Chicken Fried Rice-web.JPG
Chicken Fried Rice

Baja Fish Taco-web.JPG
Baja Fish Tacos

Small Noodle Beef Pho

Turkey Egg Cheese Biscuit-web.JPG
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit

Chicken BBQ Carnita-web.JPG
BBQ Chicken Carnita Sandwich


Not yet a client?

Contact us today to get in on all the USDA-compliant deliciousness we offer. Click on the "We Are Here" chatbox to the left for immediate attention.

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