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Date: March 26, 2020 Posted by Mail Twitter Facebook

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The response to our free COVID-19 Emergency Menu (see introductory blog post) has been amazing. Schools across the country have taken advantage of our offer during this time of national emergency. We’ve also heard from many that they’d love another week of cold lunch meals. So, thanks to a partnership with America’s dairy farm families, we’ve added another week that can be accessed at:  Some of the cold meals include chef salad, turkey and cheese bagel, old-fashioned chicken wrap and ham and swiss sandwich.

We’ve provided everything you need to quickly implement this menu: recipes, food production reports and a distributor market basket to plan your food orders. We’ve also included access to our CookBook to quickly scale the recipes from 50 students to your specific meal counts.

The cold lunch options are convenient for drive-thrus at schools, grab-and-go mobile distribution sites and weekly meal boxes delivered via school bus routes.

Download this free menu today.

Download (and share) our flyer about this menu.

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