Just 1 week...for a smooth Administrative Review

Date: January 15, 2018 Posted by Mail Twitter Facebook

Is your school/district due for your tri-annual USDA Administrative Review (audit) this year? NutriStudents K-12 can help you pass your audit with flying colors. If you use just a single NutriStudents K-12 menu week each month, you're ensured of having a completely USDA-compliant menu to provide to the state for your review. Every complete NutriStudents K-12 lunch menu meets all of the nutritional requirements of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. Not to mention, each menu week incorporates flavorful entrees and luscious side dishes that your students are bound to enjoy. 

In addition to providing you with fully compliant menu weeks, NutriStudents K-12 also supports your successful audit with:

  • an Administrative Review Packet to help you know what to expect and thoroughly prepare for your audit. It includes a handy checklist and instructions for compiling the necessary documentation (and examples of each), including:
    • Calendar menus
    • Standardized recipes
    • Food production reports
    • CN labels and product formulation statements
    • Specific manufacturers' online product formulation statements
  • training tools on Offer vs. Serve
  • tutorial videos on service procedures, CN labels, Food Production Reports and more
  • On-call support from our staff for your specific needs and questions

Don't go through your audit alone. Menus and support from NutriStudents K-12 are at your fingertips. Visit the Training section on our client portal or call us for more information.  



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