Survey Responses Inform System Development, Training

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NutriStudents K-12 recently conducted a survey of client districts to gain a better understanding of the technology used in schools. The responses received will help us plan future system enhancements and provide a consistently positive client experience.

It’s clear based on survey responses that the Google platform is gaining prominence among schools. The districts that responded were almost evenly split among PCs and Google Chromebooks currently, however, some now on PCs indicated they’ll be migrating to Chromebooks in 2020-2021. Google Chrome is overwhelming the most-used web browser among respondents. Despite Google’s growing use, all respondents’ districts also use Microsoft Excel, Word and Publisher.

When asked to rate their degree of tech-savviness on a 100-point scale, the respondents averaged 58, with a median rating of 52. The responses ranged from 8 to 100, which validates our work to offer a system and support tools for varying levels of proficiency.

The survey also gave our users a chance to provide us feedback on the system and our training. This feedback will serve as a benchmark for Shelly Miller, our client relations director, who has been developing our onboarding processes and training systems to ensure clients feel supported and love working with NutriStudents K-12.

While we were encouraged by the greatly improved user experience indicators as well as the respondents who indicated a strong likelihood of recommending us to others, we continually strive for even more improvement in both areas. Thank you to those of you who said you’d recommend NutriStudents K-12 to other foodservice directors every chance you were given!

One newer user responded by saying, “I have been very happy with the system. I think I will like it a lot more once I really get used to using the program.”

Respondents are generally satisfied with the quality of training, but indicated more training was desired, which is one of our major objectives in 2020.

“We’re extremely confident the quality and quantity of training will continue to improve under Shelly’s leadership,” said Eldon Brustuen, co-founder and president of NutriStudents K-12. “Since joining the company at the end of August, Shelly has made tremendous strides in supporting our districts and identifying training opportunities.”

We also took away a few suggestions, including the request to add a new field within the Breakfast Menu Builder for individual protein items, and to include more salads, a breakfast burrito, hash browns and deli sub sandwiches to the lunch menus.

We’re always open to suggestions for how NutriStudents K-12 can best meet the needs of child nutrition programs. Like any technology platform, we are constantly evolving and improving. Have a suggestion? Email us at

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