BTS Guide Helps In Shift to Distance Learning

Date: November 11, 2020 Posted by Mail Twitter Facebook

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The NutriStudents K-12 Back-to-School Guide is not just for back-to-school time. It can help you shift to a new service model or improve upon what you're already doing. If your district is shifting to hybrid or distance learning due to rising COVID-19 rates, tap into this free resource to quickly adapt your foodservice procedures. If you’re seeking ways to improve your COVID-19 operations, the BTS Guide can also help you improve upon what you're already doing, even if you're not changing service models.


Download the free BTS Guide now

It includes:

  1. Step-by-step instructions for successfully providing meals under any socially distant scenario.
  2. A complete COVID-19 Safety Preparedness Plan template, you can quickly adapt to your program or consult for safety protocols you may want to implement.
  3. Ideas for expanding school wellness plans to include emotional wellbeing.

The Guide, as well as our free COVID-19 Emergency Menus, will remain available for download as long as they're needed. Resources such as these are just one way NutriStudents K-12 helps FSDs succeed!

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