Convincing parents to take school meals

Date: January 12, 2021 Posted by Mail Twitter Facebook

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Across the country, COVID-19 has greatly decreased the number of school meals being served this academic year. Lower reimbursements, and higher food and packaging costs are likely impacting your foodservice budget. Unless the USDA makes special provisions, fewer meals this year also may impact your USDA Foods/commodities allocations for the 2021-22 school year.

We know you’re doing all you can to distribute as many meals as possible. Convincing parents to pick up distance-learning meals can be hard. They may think free school meals are only for food-insecure youth. They may assume if they take meals they don’t necessarily need for survival, there are fewer meals available to those who are facing hunger. They may also believe that taking these meals drives up costs for your school and negatively impacts your budget.

Our latest issue of Cafeteria Connection, our newsletter for you to send to parents, can help you dispel these misconceptions. “Help our school! Get free school meals” helps parents understand free school meals:

  • Are available for free to all kids 18 years old and younger, regardless of household income.
  • Provide relief to exhausted parents juggling work responsibilities while supervising children distance learning at home.
  • Support your local economy through your school’s buy local efforts and employment of neighbors and friends.
  • Provide a vital community service and help restore a sense of normalcy for children during these turbulent times.
  • Save on a family’s grocery expenses and food preparation time.
  • Are an easy source of good nutrition.
  • Contribute directly to your foodservice program’s financial solvency.

We’ve included a form field where you can insert the details of your school meal pick-up times and locations.

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