Use 20/21 budget for long-term benefits

Date: March 12, 2021 Posted by Amy Mail Twitter Facebook

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Without a doubt, school year 20/21 has been a year like none other. Many districts saw a significant decline in participation rates, revenues and food costs over the previous year. Forwarding-thinking districts will realize it’s foolhardy to base next year’s budget on this year’s costs and participation rates. Some, however, may target an unspent food budget for cost cutting in next year’s budget, leaving your program and your students to pay the price.

If your foodservice program has a budget surplus to spend down prior to the end of the year, subscribe, or renew your subscription, to NutriStudents K-12 now and reap the benefits this year and next. Districts will be looking for ways to work faster, better and for less money next year. Make sure you’re equipped to do more with less with the NutriStudents K-12 library of USDA-compliant menu weeks, time-saving tools and stand-by professional support. Act today, for your students, for your staff, for yourself!

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