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Category: School Food

Pivot, pivot, pivot! If you’re like most foodservice professionals, this year has brought unprecedented challenges to your program. You may have been forced to turn on a dime and…
We’ve made 5 days of easily adaptable menus and support resources available for free to help navigate supply chain disruptions.

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Category: Commemorative Occasions

October is Farm to School Month! It's a celebration of food education, school gardens, and school meals made from healthy, local food. Farm to school foods ensure the freshest…
October is Farm to School Month! Offering locally grown foods not only supports your community, but it can also help alleviate potential supply chain issues.

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Category: USDA compliance

Some relief is in sight for struggling school foodservice operators coping with a stressed supply chain due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A new waiver issued by the USDA this week…
A new USDA waiver prevents school meal programs from being financially penalized if supply chain shortages prevent them from meeting certain regulatory requirements for school meals.

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